"Before I unleash the download link for the Last Summer mixtape, I wanna give a thank you to the following people who helped make the Summer so Dope.

Red McLeod, Acht Sneakers, Daily Paper, The Beautiful Women of Amsterdam, Da L.E.S, Maggz, Bongz, Lance, Ishmiza, Gotti, DJ Vkid, Prince Costinyo, L-Tido, Sean Pages, Nathan, Obie, Sbudaroc, Mixtape Madalaz, Scoop, Red Bull, Phiko, A.D, Allen Ass, Nike SA, OkMalumKoolKat, Sanele Xolo, MK Frash, Tham Tham, Mome, Eazy E, Morale, Big L , My family and all the stundee niggaz out there. All the DJs and Oh Yeah, The hunners!!!!! I wanna say thanks to the fans but do i have any? If I forgot anybody please forgive me!

I wanna tell yall that this will be the last mixtape I do, Enjoy."


1. Done With Em
2. Last Summer (feat. Maggz)
3. #yalldontknownothingaboutit
4. Champagne
5. Don't Cry (Interlude 3)
6. Better Dayz (feat. Maggz)
7. It's Alright
8. Take Me There
9. Summer Situation (Interlude 2)
10. Just Another Love Thing
11. Crazy
12. Slow Motion
13. Debra's Law (Interlude 3)
14. We Got It Good
15. Some Fly Shit (feat Gotti)(Interlude 4)
16. Telegram

Download Below

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