If you are a fan of the – in our opinion – grossly overrated Avatar the movie and convinced that you are the next James Cameron, your chance to shine in the spotlight has just arrived – as electronics giant Panasonic is reported to be rolling out its very own consumer-level 3D camcorder very soon. It seems Panasonic has been bitten by the 3D bugs and is embracing the 3D revolution, as they have recently just shown off a slew of 3DTvs and gadgets back in Japan.
Details and specifics on the 3D camcorder are not yet clear – but the device is expected to be unveiled soon in a Tokyo press event scheduled on July 28th. A few sources have reported that the 3D camcorder will be about the same size as your regular consumer camcorder. It will have an integrated pair of lenses in the front.
The device is also not expected to carry a high price tag – in fact, it will be more in line with the plain Jane non-3D camcorder, rather than their more expensive professional video camera line. It would make sense for the device to support Full HD videos, since their Viera HDTVs, which are 3D capable, support the high resolutions.
Truth be told, we are not a fan of 3Ds that aren’t done right. We just hope this means there will be better 3D movies to watch in the not-so-distant future.

Info courtesy of jdmag.com

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