Just in time for Grammy weekend and NBA All Star Weekend in LA, Rihanna has reportedly agreed to have the restraining order that is currently in place against ex-boyfriend and singer Chris Brown, lifted. Kind of.

According to E! Online, Rihanna and her lawyer, Donald Etra, requested that the restraining order be taken down to a level one which would allow the two to contact and see each other only if Chris doesn’t “annoy, molest, or harass” her. Ri, Chris, and their lawyers have all agreed and approved of this change, but they still need a judge to sign off on it before the ex-lovers can have any contact ….or plan lunch dates.

What’s weird about the situation is that when Chris initially appeared before the judge on January 28th, his lawyer made the request because it was interfering with him being able to attend award shows, however it has since been reported that he won’t be attending the Grammys due to a prior commitment. What’s more important than the Grammys during a comeback year?

The two will possibly face each other or be in the same space next weekend as they are both scheduled to attend NBA All Star festivities in LA.

Hopefully it works out for all parties involved. The lift on the restraining order was the last thing Chris really needed to help him fully bounce back.

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