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Credible in fashion design as the once creative director of Gucci from 1994-2004, Tom Ford departed ways from italian based fashion house to pursue his own label, which we now know as Tom Ford Menswear. Created & introduced in 2005, the Tom Ford Menswear collections have become closely associated with sophisticated, classical designs of men's formal attire. With 21 existing retail locations in New York, Milan, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Dubai, Zurich and Russia; the Ford name is one that is greatly respected & credibly successful in high end fashion. For the FW11 fashion season, dark tones, plaid & quilted coats were seen on the runways & are thoughtfully introduced throughout this collection. Modeled by Jon Kortajarena, each look within the collection allows the Tom Ford style signature to be greatly pronounced & profoundly represented.

Velvet blazers in rich navy are seen alongside navy plaid as wool coats, blazers & pants are matched to shades of purple. With cashmere sweaters being seen alongside slight use of print, in the form of paisley; the set is tremendously developed from the first look to the last. Suede coats, fitted denim & signature eyewear are also style elements seen in the collection; providing any fashion conscious consumer enough inspiration to last far beyond the fall season. In his role as Designer, Tom Ford has had an incredibly large influence on the way we view style in the world of high fashion & that influence is seen in the pieces created & duplicatd by fast fashion retailers like H&M, Uniqlo & Forever 21. The style seen represented with this collection can be substituted with like pieces for those who may not be willing to drop dime on pieces that come with such a hefty price tag.


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