Trey Songz is in hot water for his biggest hit this summer to the tune of $18 million.

This has to be the most expensive drink we've ever heard of! The Boombox reports that the crooner and his label Atlantic Records (among others) are being sued by some of the track's producers, who claims he wasn't given credit for the song.

Washington, D.C., production company Doc Mob Records, Derrick Price and IHip Hop Music have filed suit, claiming that their producer Milton James (aka Tony Scales) wasn't compensated for his work on "Bottoms Up."

The song appears on Trey's most recent album, Passion, Pain and Pleasure.

Supposedly, Tony initially worked on the track in Derrick's studio, but he later hooked up with Kane Beatz to tweak the song. When the album was released, though, Kane's was the only name mentioned as a producer in the liner notes for "Bottoms Up."

Doc Mob Records claims that it sent Atlantic several cease and desist letters in an attempt to stop distribution, but the message were reportedly ignored.

Kodak was also named in the suit, as it used "Bottom's Up" in an ad for Trey's campaign with the company.

Neither Trey nor Atlantic have commented on the legal matters at this time.

-- Sonya Eskridge

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